Other Coverage

Other Insurance Coverage

We have 100+ years of experience protecting exceptional homes from East Hampton to the West Coast and the world.

As we talk with you and gain an in-depth knowledge of your lifestyle, business demands and other needs, we’ll identify other coverage that may be helpful and relevant to you.

Many of the coverages below are added as riders to your homeowners or umbrella policies and, as with everything we do, we’ll make sure all of your coverage is cohesive.

For those products that require specialization, like foreign assets or aircraft, we can refer you to agencies that we know will help you secure the right policies.

Additional Coverages

If you employ domestic staff, you may need to provide workers compensation and disability coverage for your employees.

This provides important coverage in the event a domestic employee alleges sexual harassment, discrimination or wrongful termination. 

With the prevalence and potentially high expense of identity theft and other online schemes, more and more successful clients find it important to purchase family  cyber protection.

This coverage shields you against liability from serving as a board member or officer of a nonprofit organization. If you feel the organization’s insurance is insufficient, you can add this protection to your umbrella policy for a second layer of coverage.

For homes and vehicles located outside the U.S., we can advise you on how to obtain coverage and will review your foreign policies for you. We’ll also make sure to add the assets to your umbrella policy so that you’ll be covered for personal liability.

If you own or lease aircraft, we can help address your aviation exposures with the right products.

We can help arrange this protection for high-profile individuals and families. 

When hosting an event such as a wedding, party or fundraiser, you’ll want to make sure you’re properly covered.

If you wish to purchase travel insurance, we can help find the right product that is specifically designed for your travel needs.

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