Commercial Insurance


If you own a business, we can help you assess all the types of commercial coverage that will protect you.

We’ll ask questions and learn about the concerns you have, and advise you on what products to consider.

Amaden Gay has worked with countless small and medium-sized companies, ranging from retail to restaurants to real estate businesses and contractors.

Commercial Coverages

We’ll go over what physical assets your business owns and what risks you need to insure against.

We’ll help you identify — and shield against — potential liability for various injuries or damages caused in the course of business.

If uncontrollable events slow down or shut down your company, this coverage can replace lost income.

Theft can occur from people outside your company or inside it. Crime coverage protects you from losses for both.

This coverage steps in when vehicles your business owns or rents are damaged or cause injury to others.

When mobile equipment or other types of property is in transit or away from your premises, this policy rider applies.

Required by state law, this helps pay for injuries that employees incur on the job. Some states also require it if you have domestic staff.

If someone hacks or breaches your computer systems, there are many ways your company and customers might be vulnerable to loss. This coverage can protect against business interruption and other company damages, as well as against liability to your customers.

This type of policy protects your business against lawsuits by domestic employees who allege discrimination, wrongful termination or sexual harassment.

This is an important layer of business liability protection that’s over and above your primary policies.

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