With the 2023 Hurricane Season under way, we would like to remind you of the importance of having flood insurance.

Even if you’re not in a hazardous flood zone or close to a body of water, your home can still be vulnerable to significant flood damage, particularly if you have a finished basement.

Flood insurance covers damage from water entering your home from the ground level outside. Almost every house has some level of flood risk from “surface runoff water,” or pooling caused by heavy rain which can get into your home.

Most homeowner policies exclude coverage for the peril of flood so a separate flood policy is necessary to protect your home and property.

Here is more information and steps you can take to help protect your home from flood damage:

1. Be aware of what flood zone your home is in. If you’re unsure, visit our website at amagengay.com for a free Flood Zone Analysis.

2. Consult with Riskfactor.com to gauge the likelihood of your home suffering damage from flood and other perils.

3. FEMA requires a 30-day waiting period to obtain flood coverage so purchase a flood policy now and don’t wait until a storm is approaching.

4. In addition to FEMA’s flood policies, other options are available through private insurance carriers that can offer better protection for your home.

5. Clean your gutters and drains regularly, direct all down spouts away from the foundation of your home.

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