Cyber Security Tips For Your Family

mother and little daughter looking together at computer

With more and more people working from home, Cyber Crime has become one of the hottest topics of 2020. Not only are businesses of all sizes being targeted but there has been a sharp uptick in cybercrime against individuals and families. While it’s impossible to completely prevent, there are measures that you can take to mitigate your risk.

Cyber Security Best Practices for Your Family
  1. When setting passwords for your online accounts, use at least 10-15 characters that are complex and include numbers, letters, and symbols.
  2. Use multi-factor authentication for all accounts where this is available.
  3. Never open attachments or click links in emails from senders you do not know.
  4. Never use public Wifi.
  5. Limit posting on social media, especially when on vacation or away for an extended period of time.
  6. Do not allow applications to use geo-location.
  7. Never click “Unsubscribe Me” links on spam and promotional email.
  8. Speak with your insurance broker about what cyber coverage may be available for your family. Many homeowner policies have optional cyber coverage that you can purchase.