Cyber Security: How to Mitigate Your Risk


Cyber crime is grabbing the attention of the whole country and has been one of the hottest topics of 2020. Not only are businesses of all sizes being targeted but there has been a sharp uptick in cyber crime against individuals and families. While it’s impossible to completely prevent, there are measures that you can take to mitigate your risk:

1. When setting passwords for your online accounts, use at least 10-15 characters that are complex and include numbers, letters and symbols.

2.  Use multi-factor authentication for all accounts where this is available.

3. Never open attachments or click links in emails from senders you do not know.

4. Never use public Wifi.

5. Limit posting on social media, especially when on vacation or away for an extended period of time.

6.  Do not allow applications to use geo-location.

7. Never click “Unsubscribe Me” links on spam and promotional email, as that can validate that you’re an active user, which can invite more spam. It’s also possible that the unsubscribe link can be corrupt and will download malware. Instead, mark the email as spam, and delete it.

8. Speak with your insurance broker about what cyber coverage may be available for you and your family. Many homeowner policies have optional cyber coverage that you can purchase.

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Water damage to a home is one of the most common types of insurance claims. Your home is vulnerable to water damage all year round. While it’s impossible to completely prevent water-related losses, these tips will help minimize your risk:

1. Have your roof inspected periodically and clean your gutters and drains regularly.

2. Perform regular maintenance on appliances including water heaters, dishwashers, ice makers, refrigerators and air conditioners.

3.  Install metal braided hoses to your washing machine with an overflow pan beneath it. Faulty or old rubber washing machine hoses are one of the leading causes of water damage in homes, as rubber hoses can dry, crack and eventually break. 

4. Install a condensate pump and float switch on your air conditioning unit.

5. Drain the water from your faucets, and manually shut off the main water supply before leaving for vacation.

6. Have someone regularly check on your home while you are away, especially during cold weather.

7. Install a water leak detection system that automatically shuts-off the main water supply and activates a central station alarm or sends an alert to your smartphone.

8. Install a low temperature monitoring system that activates a central station alarm.

9. Speak with your insurance advisor about the water damage-related coverages that your policy provides, such as “Water Back-up and Sump Discharge or Overflow” and “Mold Remediation.”

10. Consider buying flood insurance even if your home is not near a body of water or in a hazardous flood zone. It’s important to protect your home against flooding from heavy rain.

For more information contact: 
Christopher F. McDonald | Amaden Gay Agencies
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