Over the past few months we have seen a sharp increase of cars being stolen. This seems to be occurring not only here on the East End but in the tri-state area in general.

Here are a few tips on how to lessen the risk of having your car stolen:

1. If you have a garage at your home, get into the habit of parking the car in the garage overnight instead of leaving it in the driveway or parked on the street.

2. Lock your car and do not leave the keys in the car overnight. Leaving the car unlocked with keys in it could result in the denial of an insurance claim in the event of a theft.

3. Speak with your neighbors and be on the alert for strangers in the neighborhood, particularly at night.

4. Read the owner’s manual for your car to understand what security features and potential tracking device your car may have.

5. Speak with your local police department and ask if there has been an increased frequency of auto thefts in your area. 6. Speak with your insurance broker and understand what coverage your automobile policy provides.

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