Travel Insurance Tips

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The summer season is a popular time to take a vacation. Travel insurance is a good way to protect yourself and your family from a host of things that can go wrong before and during trip. 

Travel policies can be tailored to your specific needs and are surprisingly affordable. Here are some benefits that you can include in your policy to make sure you are well protected:

1. Trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage that will reimburse you if a covered event like illness, injury or inclement weather occurs.

2. Trip delay coverage for meals and temporary lodging if a covered event delays your trip.

3. Medical evacuation to get you or a family member home or to a hospital quickly in case of emergency.

4. Political evacuation to help you exit your destination country in the event of a crisis.

5. Coverage for personal effects if your baggage is damaged, delayed, lost or stolen.

6. 24-hour concierge assistance that can help you with a variety of issues during your trip.

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